Providing a digital approach to help people get back to normalcy through efficient testing solutions.

Who We Are

KBYG is a consumer driven approach to self-testing solutions. Giving people 100% control over their data and allowing events, travel,  and work environments to safely re-open. KBYG is uniting change agents in every industry around removing the fear of COVID-19 issues without compromising safety that matter most.

KBYG utilizes identyME a fully digital, scalable, and simple test anywhere certification and result verification system for rapid Antigen and Antibody, and PCR testing platforms. It allows seamless and easy integration into any Application, entry control system, or health passport.

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Make your Self-Test Certifiable and Integrated with the Digital World

Unique serial QR, to prevent the use of fraudulent products, combines with your certified & spoof-proof digital identity to ensure the integrity and legitimacy of the testing process. Through digital collection monitoring and AI-powered result recognition, identyME provides rapid self-test certifications.

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How businesses can prepare for the future of work

Vaccination and self-testing kits remain the best tools available to prevent hospitalization and death. There are also barriers to self-testing, including a weak grasp of how to use at-home test kits and how to get them validated by employers.

It is every business’s desire to emerge from the pandemic stronger, but after two years of struggle and the learning of many lessons, challenges will continue to arise. After being away from the workplace for such an extended period, employees have a myriad of concerns and emotions about returning, things like health risks, work-life balance, and commuting, to name a few.
Businesses must decide how they will bring people back to work: do we call everyone back to the office, adopt a hybrid model, or provide more fully remote opportunities? Once in the office, they must decide what guidelines they will follow. In the long term, work arenas with higher physical proximity scores are also likely to be more unsettled and pose a higher risk of spreading the virus.

To inquire about purchasing our Unique serial QR codes or our digital Antigen and PCR tests, contact us here.

Our Actions

Our Community

Community Safety and Support

KBYG highlight the importance of effective tools to improve self-testing. We want everyone to feel safe when leaving their homes. We work with external experts and gather feedback from our community to develop policies, tools and resources to help keep you safe.

Social Impact

When people are connected, they can achieve extraordinary things. It’s through acts of kindness and community we aspire to build new tools and features to enable the best of what people can do together.

Privacy & Cybersecurity

We’re committed to honoring your privacy choices and protecting your information. That’s why we build tools that give you control over your privacy and help keep your information secure during testing.

identyME Is Currently In The App Store and Soon In A Retailer Near You.

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